Youth Arts Festival


International Youth Arts Festival 2019

11+12. and 16. Februar Berlin and Wien

International Youth Arts Festival 2019, held by “Internationale Volkskulturkreis e.V.”, declared great opening with the slogan ‘Arts Change World’ in the city of arts – Berlin and Vienna Golden Hall. Participants include around 500 young artists from all over the world and 7 art masters – Antonius Adamske, Andreas Mitschke, Irina Freitag,Andreas Mitschke, Heiko Schulze and Dr. Christoph Neumann.

Wien Sightseeing
Berlin Street View

By the platform of the Festival, all the young artists gathered in Berlin. They joined the master classes for not only improving instrument-playing skills but also making friends with each other through arts. For now the Master Class is already one of the most important part of the Festival, in which little artists could feel the local culture.

 The climax of the Festival were the great opening ceremony and the evening concert taking place in the French Church of Berlin. The closing ceremony was held in the Golden Hall. The afternoons of the Festival were music competitions participated by professional judges. Little artists who achieved accomplishments could be qualified accordingly.

Sunset in Wien

Berlin and Vienna are also fascinating cities of arts deserved to visit. Berlin is regarded as one of the world capital with great reputation in Europe, where art activities occurred almost everyday. There are also many significant buildings in this city such as German Film Studio, European Film Studio founded in 1988 and the National Opera House.

Vienna is also an ancient city which has long been known as the city of music, owning a number of places of historical interest, and especially famous for its musicians such as Beethoven, Mozart and Mahler. The old town of Vienna has many world immaterial cultural heritages, where people could have great sightseeing going around by taking horse-drawn cabs. Vienna Opera House and Hofburg are located here. All through the year, a large amount of tourists come to the old town and its most attractive spots – Meizumi Palace and the Garden of Animals inside.