Youth Arts Festival

"Choir Worldwide"
International Youth Arts Festival 2024

Dance, Choral- und Orchestralmusik

Wien (Austria) & Berlin (Germany)

January 28 – February 10, 2024

With our motto “Art is changing the world” “Chior Worldwide International Youth Arts Festival” takes place this year in a great environment in Vienna and Berlin. Over 500 younger artists from around the world will be attending our musical events. Participants have the opportunity to register for both the festival and the competition.

All participating choirs, orchestras and dancers have the chance to attend a masterclass under the direction of well-known conductors. Worldwide International Youth Arts Festival is open to choirs, orchestras and dancers of all categories and the repertoire is free to choose. All participating choirs, orchestras and dancers present themselves at a joint graduation ceremony of all festival participants in Berlin.

You will enjoy an unforgettable festival stay in Berlin, meet choirs, orchestras and dancers from all over the world, exchange thoughts about music and dancing and visit the capital of Germany and Austria.

Programm in Vienna and Berlin:

  • Arrive
  • Visit Castle Schönbrunn and music seminar
  • rehearsal program and Opening Ceremony
  • music event
  • important arrangement: Masterclass
  • message ceremony and church concert
  • school exchange and sightseeing of the school
if you have questions please contact us.